Someone got a nice bonus this year

8 Dempsey8 Dempsey Lane, $8.495 million, has an accepted offer after just 12 days. Sold new in 2005 for $6.930, this owner added a pool. A reminder, if one was needed, that Jordan Saper knows how to build a house that appeals to today’s multi-millionaire. And that, in turn explains why I can’t stand them – I don’t have the money.

6 Raymond Street

6 Raymond Street

6 Raymond Street, Old Greenwich, also has an accepted offer. Asking $3.295, it just sold in December for $3.225.


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22 responses to “Someone got a nice bonus this year

  1. RE Junkie

    8 Dempsey seems particulary un-interesting for that amount of money–what’s the appeal of these houses?

    • Their appeal has always eluded me but Saper’s homes sell quickly and resell just as fast, so I rather doubt he cares that my taste in houses differs from his.
      He builds a quality home- it’s just the design that, for me, doesn’t work. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, I suppose.

  2. The New Normal

    8 Dempsey is beautiful….the sellers did extremely well

    2x assessment in mid-country in this market doesn’t make a lot of sense

  3. anonymous

    I don’ get Dempsey from pics. Looks like every other house in that price range.

  4. AJ

    I don’t understand how anyone can have an eight million dollar house with only a four car garage. Where’s a guy supposed to put his car and boat collection? But more important (to the seller) is where is that proceeds-of-the-sale money going to sit if even only for a day or less. Why? Some guy who sold his house in Cyprus and was all set to immediately turn around and buy a new one was robbed by the Bank. That’s right, they disappeared his money without warning. How’d they do that?

    ‘No Bank Deposits Will Be Spared from Confiscation’

    “I challenge anyone to prove me wrong that confiscation of bank deposits is legalized daylight robbery

    Bank depositors in the UK and USA may think that their bank deposits would not be confiscated as they are insured and no government would dare embark on such a drastic action to bail out insolvent banks.

    Before I explain why confiscation of bank deposits in the UK and US is a certainty and absolutely legal, I need all readers of this article to do the following:

    Ask your local police, sheriffs, lawyers, judges the following questions:

    1) If I place my money with a lawyer as a stake-holder and he uses the money without my consent, has the lawyer committed a crime?

    2) If I store a bushel of wheat or cotton in a warehouse and the owner of the warehouse sold my wheat/cotton without my consent or authority, has the warehouse owner committed a crime?

    3) If I place monies with my broker (stock or commodity) and the broker uses my monies for other purposes and or contrary to my instructions, has the broker committed a crime?

    I am confident that the answer to the above questions is a Yes!

    However, for the purposes of this article, I would like to first highlight the situation of the deposit / storage of wheat with a warehouse owner in relation to the deposit of money / storage with a banker.

    First, you will notice that all wheat is the same i.e. the wheat in one bushel is no different from the wheat in another bushel. Likewise with cotton, it is indistinguishable. The deposit of a bushel of wheat with the warehouse owner in law constitutes a bailment. Ownership of the bushel of wheat remains with you and there is no transfer of ownership at all to the warehouse owner.

    And as stated above, if the owner sells the bushel of wheat without your consent or authority, he has committed a crime as well as having committed a civil wrong (a tort) of conversion – converting your property to his own use and he can be sued.

    Let me use another analogy. If a cashier in a supermarket removes $100 from the till on Friday to have a frolic on Saturday, he has committed theft, even though he may replace the $100 on Monday without the knowledge of the owner / manager of the supermarket. The $100 the cashier stole on Friday is also indistinguishable from the $100 he put back in the till on Monday. In both situations – the wheat in the warehouse and the $100 dollar bill in the till, which have been unlawfully misappropriated would constitute a crime.

    Keep this principle and issue at the back of your mind.

    Now we shall proceed with the money that you have deposited with your banker….”

  5. anonymous

    You fail to mention the most important aspect of Dempsey. The land is unparalled and rare even for mid-country.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    AMANDA KNOX!! We need to weigh in on this case. It is way too important to ignore. It has everything we want in a murder mystery.

    A college aged threesome, a fantasy sexual romp, between “Foxy Knoxy”, a totally hot American coed, who is on an exchange program to some greasy Wop town in Italy. She hooks up with some local dude, and probably fueled up by mozzarella and coke (drink not powder), grows bored of the mad monkey sex with her Moors descended little friend, and decides to bring her very hot little snaggled toothed British roommate into her lust filled deviant little sex romp. All good so far, right?

    But the hot roommate winds up dead, which is obviously not good. Amanda – who is REALLY HOT, and has a great name and a solid rack, gets convicted, along with her slick talking olive oiled skinned, greased back hair boyfriend. But then they charge and convict some black dude (African not Wop), who somehow took a dump in the roommates apartment, with her dead body in the other room, and who didn’t bother to flush, with murder. Based on turd based DNA evidence. How would you have liked to be that forensic examiner? And he should have been charged with something for not flushing that floater, right? Even though you do it all the time.

    Are you following this?

    Anyhows, Amanda, who is hotter than Hades Hell, and is obviously multilingual, open minded, and my type of girl, is on ABC tonight at 10:00. So watch the interview, and let’s get in the middle of this. You won’t be disappointed.

    After you are up to speed, I will interview Amanda, and you take the other two. I am smelling a book deal here Dude. Working title is “A Fox, A Wop and a Patsy”. We can change it if I bang her.

    Your Pal,

  7. Anonymous

    “Walt’s” comments just turned this otherwise respectable blog into trailer trash.

    • Polly Pavel

      Looks like this is Anonymous’ first time in these parts.

    • another stb 4 me

      Don’t be so sanctimonious. Walt’s comments are no doubt lewd but they are without doubt brilliantly crafted and deserve recognition. It’s a free country, you can stop reading the blog if you find Walt “offensive”. Walt’s not trailer trash he’s an international criminal!

  8. Anonymous

    Assuming the pool cost $250K, is this the first maxipad in mid country to sell above peak prices?

  9. AJ

    I think that Walt, after telepathically receiving a postpartum premonition from his friend at the Big House — Uncle Bernie, is just pulling a Vincent “The Chin” Gagante in an age where just walking around in a bathrobe is no longe enough. “Or perhaps he got stuck in an improv and just can’t leave the part behind,” he said in his best Austrian accent. A repeating loop theory might just explain this.

    This is most likely how it went down in Italy:

  10. i believe, after perusing this, that Walt has excellent eyesight.