Do you know who I am?

Hey, it works for Martha Stewart


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  1. anon

    how does one go about getting everyone affiliated with your past to seal records for you?????? scary scary scary.

  2. Mumbo Jumbo

    Apparently his SS# was issued in Connecticut. How did that happen?

  3. Tea4Two

    Scott Thompson falsified his résumé to be CEO of Yahoo and got ousted in three days. Our Nation’s President hides everything about himself and will likely be re-elected because people fall for his toothy grin and “tax the rich” talk. No wonder the Facebook’s co-founder Saverin moved to Singapore. I “Like” his thinking!

  4. anonymous

    Catrol Vancliechin

  5. Desmond Hatchett

    Y’all gonna pay for my 30 kids (and I ain’t done yet, not by a longshot), and then y’all gonna pay for my kids’ kids, and then….catch my drift, suckas?

  6. Chris get with it..
    He is the head of this Seal Team

  7. DollarBill

    Let me see: He’s Malcolm X’s illegitimate son; he was photoshopped into the iconic Situation Room photo; his memoir was ghost-written by Bill Ayers; he didn’t write those love letters; he plagiarized those cookbook recipes (oh wait, that was Elizabeth Warren, wasn’t it, Until it wasn’t). Oh, the humanity! Who will tell the American people that Soylent Green, I mean Obama, is PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Mark Steyn: Eternally shifting sands of Obama’s biography

    …it turns out that the earliest recorded example of Birtherism is from the president’s own literary agent, way back in 1991, in the official bio of her exciting new author: “Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

    So the lunatic theory that Barack Obama doesn’t meet the minimum eligibility requirements to be president of the United States was first advanced by Barack Obama’s official representative. Where did she get that wacky idea from? “This was nothing more than a fact-checking error by me,” says Obama’s literary agent, Miriam Goderich, a “fact” that went so un-“checked” that it stayed up on her agency’s website in the official biography of her by-then-famous client up until 2007:

    “He was born in Kenya to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister.”

    And then in April 2007, someone belatedly decided to “check” the 16-year-old “fact” and revised the biography, a few weeks into the now non-Kenyan’s campaign for the presidency. Fancy that!

    When it comes to conspiracies, I’m an Occam’s Razor man. The more obvious explanation of the variable first line in the eternally shifting sands of Obama’s biography is that, rather than pretending to have been born in Hawaii, he’s spent much of his life pretending to have been born in Kenya.

    After all, if your first book is an exploration of racial identity and has the working title “Journeys In Black And White,” being born in Hawaii doesn’t really help. It’s entirely irrelevant to the twin pillars of contemporary black grievance – American slavery and European imperialism. To 99.99 percent of people, Hawaii is a luxury vacation destination and nothing else.

    Whereas Kenya puts you at the heart of what, in an otherwise notably orderly decolonization process by the British, was a bitter and violent struggle against the white man’s rule. Cool! The composite chicks dig it, and the literary agents.

    And where’s the harm in it? Everybody does it – at least in the circles in which Obama hangs. At Harvard Law School, where young Barack was “the first African-American president of The Harvard Law Review,” there’s no end of famous firsts: As The Fordham Law Review reported, “Harvard Law School hired its first woman of color, Elizabeth Warren, in 1995.” There is no evidence that Mrs. Warren, now the Democrats’ Senate candidate, is anything other than 100 percent white. She walks like a white, quacks like a white, looks whiter than white. She’s the whitest white since Frosty the Snowman fell in a vat of Wite-Out. But she “self-identified” as Cherokee, so that makes her a “woman of color.” Why, back in 1984 she submitted some of her favorite dishes to the “Pow Wow Chow” cookbook, a “compilation of recipes passed down through the Five Tribes families.”

    The recipes from “Elizabeth Warren – Cherokee” include a crab dish with tomato mayonnaise. Mrs. Warren’s fictional Cherokee ancestors in Oklahoma were renowned for their ability to spear the fast-moving Oklahoma crab. It’s in the state song: “Ooooooklahoma! Where the crabs come sweepin’ down the plain.” But then the white man came, and now the Oklahoma crab is extinct, and at the Cherokee clambakes they have to make do with Mrs. Warren’s traditional Five Tribes recipe for Cherokee Lime Pie.

    A delegation of college students visited the White House last week, and Vice President Biden told them: “You’re an incredible generation. And that’s not hyperbole, either. Your generation and the 9/11 generation before you are the most incredible group of Americans we have ever, ever, ever produced.”

    Ever ever ever ever! Even in a world where everyone’s incredible, some things ought to be truly incredible. Yet Harvard Law School touted Elizabeth “Dances with Crabs” Warren as their “first woman of color” – and nobody laughed. Because, if you laugh, chances are you’ll be tied up in sensitivity-training hell for the next six weeks. Because in an ever-more incredible America being an all-white “woman of color” is entirely credible.

    Entering these murky waters, swimming through it like a crab in Mrs. Warren’s tomato mayo, Barack Obama refined his own identity with a finesse that Harvard Law’s first cigar-store Indian lacked. In 1984, when “Elizabeth Warren – Cherokee” was cooking up a storm, the young Obama was still trying to figure out his name: He’d been “Barry” up till then. According to his recently discovered New York girlfriend, back when she dated him he was “BAR-ack,” emphasis on the first syllable, as in barracks, which is how his dad was known back in Kenya. Later in the Eighties, he decided “BAR-ack” was too British, and modified it to “Ba-RACK”. Some years ago, on Fox News, Bob Beckel criticized me for mispronouncing Barack Obama’s name. My mistake.

    All I did was say it the way they’ve always said it back in Kenya. But Obama himself didn’t finally decide what his name was or how to say it until he was pushing 30. In the shifting sands of identity, he picked his crabs carefully.

    “I suppose he’d had the name ready for a long time, even then,” says Nick Carraway in “The Great Gatsby.” “His parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people – his imagination had never really accepted them as his parents at all. The truth was that Jay Gatsby of West Egg, Long Island, sprang from his Platonic conception of himself… . So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen-year-old boy would be likely to invent, and to this conception he was faithful to the end.”In a post-modern America, the things that Gatsby attempted to fake – an elite schooling – Obama actually had; the things that Gatsby attempted to obscure – the impoverished roots – merely add to Obama’s luster. Gatsby claimed to have gone to Oxford, but nobody knew him there because he never went; Obama had a million bucks’ worth of elite education at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard Law, and still nobody knew him (“Fox News contacted some 400 of his classmates and found no one who remembered him”). In that sense, Obama out-Gatsbys Gatsby: His “shiftless and unsuccessful” relatives – the deportation-dodging aunt on public housing in Boston, the DWI undocumented uncle, the $12-a-year brother back in Nairobi – are useful props in his story, the ever more vivid bit-players as the central character swims ever more out of focus, but they don’t seem to know him either. The more autobiographies he writes, the less anybody knows.

    Like Gatsby presiding over his wild, lavish parties, Obama is aloof and remote: let everyone else rave deliriously; he just has to be. He is, in his way, the apotheosis of the Age of American Incredibility. When just being who you are anyway is an incredible accomplishment, Obama managed to run and win on biography almost entirely unmoored from life. But then, like Gatsby, he knew a thing or two about “the unreality of reality.”…

  9. New Buyer

    Here is a link to Fox news that addresses — and debunks – many of the above statements.

  10. Anonymous

    New Buyer, O’Reilly debunked nothing, you credulous fool.

  11. Walt

    Dude –
    Let’s deal with what we know about Barry, OK?
    He has spent millions of dollars in legal fees fighting off making his school records public. That is a fact. So I think that proves he clearly has something to hide. Probably that he claimed to be a Kenyan to get preferential college treatment. If he has nothing to hide, why not allow it?
    His biographies published by his literary agent claimed he was born in Kenya. Another proven fact. It was out there for years. And Barry didn’t know that? Unpossible, I say.
    He went by different names throughout his life, and had numerous social security numbers.
    Bill Ayers has admitted, on several occasions, that he wrote Barry’s autobiography “Dreams of My Father”. You can see it on YouTube.
    Barry has admitted his “girlfriends” in the book are not real, but rather a “composite”.
    Ayers is a morally clueless man, who has dedicated his life to destroying America. He launched Barry’s political career in his Chicago Living room. They have been close friends for years.
    Jeremiah Wright has been Barry’s minister for over 20 years, and they were very close friends. Wright is an avowed racist. Wright acknowledges Barry tried to bribe him in 2008, to stop talking, but Wright refused. This was printed in the NYT of all places.
    Michelle Obama stated she was “embarrassed by America” and Barry, while President and Commander in Chief, stated he was “embarrassed” by our military over the Koran burning incident. How does anyone defend that?
    Barry, and the Democrats generally, oppose voter ID. How can anyone who values free and honest elections oppose that? The fact that in this day and age it is even up for debate should tell you all you need to know.
    Moochelle has a staff of 24, the most of any First Lady ever. All taxpayer funded. And her trips and vacations have cost the taxpayers muti-millions of dollars, while the country is in a depression. Why is this OK?
    Most of this has not been covered by the MSM. Why is that? And the press BASHES Romney because he MAY have bullied a kid when he was in High School 50 years ago?
    Something is wrong here, and again, they are doing it in plain sight. Four more years of Democratic “Leadership” , and this country is absolutely doomed.
    Your Pal,

  12. Peg

    How many of us would have a bio being used with the books we have written – and not, over the course of years and years – not become aware that what is asserted as our birthplace is incorrect? How many of us would not – somehow – end up correcting it?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I believe that Barry O was born in Kenya. I’m only saying that he’s a man who is happy to lie about just about anything when it serves his purposes. Convenient to be born in Kenya? He is! Later needs to be born in Hawaii to be president? Of course! Defend THAT, $$$ Bill.

  13. NRA

    For someone who makes a big! deal! about the critical importance of “reams of scholarly” output, one would think $B would join the demand to see even one document – just one – that lends a shred of credibility to his Messiah’s narrative? Until we’re given the privilege, his Messiah’s history is about as real as a… 3$B.

  14. New Buyer

    Anonymous at 10:01, you are missing the point. I am not a blind believer, however, I want solid facts first. I think many of the claims about Obama are bogus, but I still think Obama is remiss for not offering solid proof to counter them. I would argue that the reasons are two-fold: (1) academic transcripts will reveal a strong socialist bent that will hurt his claim he is a moderate Democrat, & (2) on occasion Obama claimed he was born in Kenya to gain an advantage. The evidence strongly suggests that Obama was born in Hawaii. However, there are serious and numerous credible suggestions that Obama lied about his Kenyan heritage and claimed he was born there. Perhaps for an admissions advantage, win scholarship money, appear more interesting as an author. If true, such a lie shows a serious lack of judgment and suggests he will lie if it is convenient. Until we see the transcripts and records we won’t know for sure. Obama clearly has gone to great lengths to withhold his records when a simple release letter to the schools would suffice. Obama owes the public full disclosure — and deserves to be roundly criticized if the allegations are proven true — by the mere fact that he is running for a public office. (And yes, I stand by the linked FOX piece that states that more than half of the “facts” stated in the above checklist are either flat out wrong or misleading.)

  15. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Did we ever get to see any other President’s college transcripts?

  16. Peg

    Plus –

    I particularly love this:

    There has been a great deal of debate about whether candidates should be required to release personal records, including medical documents, when they run for president. During the most recent election, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., made the following statement about transparency:

    “When you’re running for president, everything should be public – including your full medical records. I believe in a right to privacy. But when you’re running for president, which is such an important job, the need of the public to know supersedes it.”